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Our technologies are carefully selected

We can mention, for example, the following criteria for network technologies choices (industrial criteria, multimedia criteria):

  • sustainability: our solutions are modern, innovative and are subject to developments involving major industrial players
  • standardization: the preferred solutions are standardized by international entities, their specifications are public, several implementations exist
  • proven technology: our solutions are based on bricks that are proven and already widely deployed as CANopen
  • performances: top speed and determinism required to the signals transmission
  • openess : solutions that support advanced concepts of openness such as the encapsulation of existing protocols (eg Modbus TCP), solutions supporting multiple media (Ethernet, WiFi, Zigbee, ...)


The CANopen protocol is chosen for our communication middleware. The CANopen network is a European standard already heavily implemented in industry. Its characteristics of flexibility and determinism have been major assets in building our multimedia industrial network.

CANopen has proved its openness by migrating from the CAN fieldbus, born in the automotive area, to the Ethernet world.

Ethernet Powerlink

Ethernet Powerlink is the implentation of CANopen over Ethernet. Ethernet Powerlink is the basis of the first Cyberio network offer on the Ethernet medium.