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Innovative industrial network soltions for mutimedia convergence

Today, the transmission of multimedia data through digital networks is obvious to everyone in the everyday life.

However, building a safe and reliable solution for industrial multimedia applications remains a headache for system designers: the network standards are multiple, the real-time performances required to transmist audio signals for example are kept for specific networks.

Cyberio offers network solutions for industrial multimedia convergence needs:

  • allowing to transmit on the same network : audio, video and control data
  • ensuring the performances required by different signal types: isochronous, real-time, determinism
  • using a single convergence protocol, standardized and open: CANopen
  • allowing adapted physical network architectures (wired or wireless) : Ethernet Powerlink for example

Examples of application areas:

  • Solutions for the military area : embedded sonar, grid sonaring
  • Solutions for the environment: grid sensoring for wildlife protection
  • Solutions for power : smart grid, acoustic detection of steam leaks
  • Solutions for research and Education: prototyping and tutorials
  • Solutions for robotics: industrial robotics, humanoid robotics
  • Solutions for industries : control systems networks
  • Solutions for transports: multimedia networks embedded on emergency vehicles
  • Solutions for biotech: handling robot