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Products : industrial communication middleware

Prototype now with the Open Application !

The Cyberio product offer is today focused on a middleware for industrial multimedia communication.

Industrial multimedia communication middleware

The Cyberio multimedia communication middleware is a software based on the application protocol CANopen and particularly implemented in the Ethernet media (Ethernet Powerlink technology).

The Cyberio offer can occur at several levels:

  • a C software library C implementable on various hardware platform with the assistance of Cyberio and destinated to sensors manufacturers and communication modules providers
  • integrated products, software and hardware provided by Cyberio to end-users customers or systems integrators in partnership with hardware manufacturers

Prototyping Kit

The Cyberio communication middleware is also available as a kit for prototyping:

  • this kit is an implementation of the Cyberio middleware on the Analog Devices Blackfin platform
  • it is available for download on this website
  • it allows testing immediately the Cyberio products using for example the "Open application" provided and described below
  • it is limited to prototyping use

Open Application

Cyberio offers its customers a network application for connecting sensors to the Cyberio multimedia network. This application is released under an Open Source license allowing users to possibly adjust the code to their needs.

The implementation of the Cyberio network solution and the access to the multimedia sensors become easy and immediate. The openness provides an additional guarantee for the performances and the true multimedia convergence of the Cyberio network.

Configuration and maintenance tools

The implementation of the Cyberio network is performed by our configuration and maintenance tool. This tool can also estimate the network performance depending on its configuration.