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Cyberio develops a strategy of partnerships to build and disseminate its offer.

Industrial partnerships

ANNALOG Devices is our first partner for the implementation of our middleware on their platform. The Middleware Cyberio has been validated on their convergent Blackfin processor.

Analog Devices is a world leader in the field of signal processing.

Other partnerships are underway for the integration of our middleware in complex systems.

Academic and research Partnerships

The GIPSA-LAB, from the Grenoble National Polytechnique Institute (INPG) is closely associated with Cyberio. This collaboration will guarantee the high level of our skills in key areas of our offer such as:

  • industrial acoustics
  • imaging
  • 3D reconstruction by reverse simulation
  • sensing intelligence

The GIPSA-LAB consists of 13 research teams organized into 3 groups: Automatic, Images and Signal, Speech and Cognition.

Business Development

Cyberio was incubated in Grenoble Alpes Incubation (GRAIN) for 18 months. Grain is a structure that searches for and supports people with innovative projects, who wish to create a startup company, with high growth potential into the regional economic system.